1.  When hiring a photographer be sure to ask to view Full Weddings.  Anyone can look skillful in a handful of images shot under ideal circumstances.  Looking through some full weddings will give you a better idea of how the photographer may handle trickier situations that may arise, it will also give you a better impression of how your images will turn out as a whole.
2.  The more locations you want to have photos taken at, the more time you’ll need to budget.  While stopping for shots at multiple locations can be fun, it can also be time consuming to travel, and wrangle the bridal party up at every stop.  If you have a big party, or a long list of shots, fewer locations may be more conducive to keeping things fun and moving forward so you can get to your reception and start enjoying your party.
3.  If your schedule is tight, but you really want lots of creative couple shots in multiple locations, consider a post couple shoot.  Typically on your wedding day you only have a couple of hours total for all of your couple/bridal party/family shots.  A post couple shoot can dedicate 2-3 hours just to getting some really fun and romantic shots of just the 2 of you.
4.  It’s your wedding day, remember to have fun!  Despite the very best planning efforts, things can sometimes get a little off track or off schedule, when they do just remember you are in love, and you are getting married to your very best friend… Pretty great day in the scope of things.  Have fun, enjoy your day, and roll with the punches.  Happy glowing people make for beautiful moments and beautiful images.
5. Its OK to schedule a few minutes just for yourselves on your wedding day.  You are going to be busy meeting and greeting all day long, give yourselves the special gift of a few special minutes together alone to reflect on this major milestone in your lives.  Soak it in together, take a deep breath and enjoy.
6. When hiring a photographer, remember quantity is no match for quality.  In a field that has become saturated with amateurs and weekend warriors, the only way many of the folks can compete is to give away everything but the kitchen sink.  What good is a huge package that includes, albums, proofs, framed prints, gallery wraps, digital negatives, and everything else under the sun, if the photography is not good to begin with.  You can be on a budget and still buy great coverage, then later on say the first or second anniversary buy your dream album or your framed print collection.
Client Comment
"Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did at our wedding. Every moment was captured beautifully, and your photographs have enabled the happiness, love, and laughter we felt on that day to live on in our hearts forever. I know those feelings will remain each time we look at the pictures, even as we open our album our 50th wedding anniversary. As friends and family have looked at the photographs we have heard a countless number of times that "these are the best wedding pictures I have ever seen", along with the words "Amazing!", "Incredible" and "Gorgeous!". Even better is that the friends and family who were unable to make the wedding have remarked that they feel like they had been there that day just from looking at the pictures.
More priceless than the photographs and the memories, however, is the people that you are. You were the most kind, easy-going, friendly and warm photographers I have met, and you truly added more joy and love to our day. It was an honor to have you shoot our wedding, and to have you be such a big part of our day. You both are not only talented and gifted at photography, but are also amazing people and friends."
Beth & Chris
Bay Harbor, MI