We’re Matthew and Angela Smith, and we love photographing weddings.  The thoughtful look on a father’s face as he gives away his little girl, a mothers eyes welling up with pure joy, the laughter, the tears, the sweet and tender moments of the day… We revel in it.
Other Things We LOVE:
Long walks in the woods, sunset view from our Adirondack chairs looking over the back lake with a small picnic and a bottle of wine or tastey stout, cooking an exciting new dish, camping and seeing new places, vintage airstreams, laughing hard with good friends,a great song, early morning walks through the farmers market, Sunday mornings in the vegetable garden (we have 8 raised beds), motorcycle rides to the local brew pub, finding a perfect moment, the click of a shutter, the beauty of the abstract, a good nap in a hammock, big fluffy clouds against a bright blue sky, and last but definitely not least our sweet and shy Doberman, Harper.


Matt is organizationally challenged, funny, and a highly visual person who loves looking at things from 101 perspectives, and is always in search of the perfect image.  He loves how a great image has the ability to captivate not just your visual senses, but can trigger an actual emotion, or take you back in time to remember what you were feeling at an exact moment in your life.  Those are the images he strives to create.


Angie is the well organized, planning and detail oriented part of the equation that keeps Matt’s inner artist in check.  She loves planning and discussing all of fun details that keep your day running smooth and worry free, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.  Angie started working with Matt nine years ago, coming on full time in 2005.  Since then she has become an integral part of the Loon Lake experience.
Education Mumbo Jumbo & Artistic Ramblings:
Matt received his bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at Kendall College of Art and Design, an exclusive private college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Soon after Kendall, he was invited to study at the Royal College of Art in London, England. It was there while studying fine art painting and design that Matthew first really learned to LOOK CLOSER and see his subjects with a new set of eyes, it was at this point where art became less about documenting, and replicating, and more about connection, and emotion.  We feel that it’s that fine art background, and having that deep love for what we do, that really characterizes our work.  We constantly push ourselves to seek out compelling compositions, through use of artistic principles like: balance, tension, rhythm, and unity that will trigger a response or an emotion. In a field that is sometimes unfortunately a rat race chase for the newest gear/light modifiers, and learning most recent 2 day workshop fads, we prefer to LOOK CLOSER and view the camera as a tool, much like a artists brush, or a sculptors chisel, and while a good one can definitely make the job easier, it will never be a replacement for knowledge, passion, and dedication to your craft.